If Confidence is Key, then I’m Locked Out

Everyone says that confidence is key. If that is the case, then I am indefinitely locked out of whatever that key leads to.  In the past, I would wish for more confidence. Confidence is sexy... Guys like confident girls... You're more attractive when you act confident... I had heard those things my whole life and the more... Continue Reading →

Love Makes You Do Stupid Things

Both breaking someones heart and having your heart broken is some of the worst pain you will ever go through, but it is part of life. Recently, I have gone through it. It was an unhealthy relationship that I finally escaped from, but even though it was toxic, I still find myself longing for moments... Continue Reading →

Take Flight

Finally free I can take flight And go where I want Without worry Without stress No more weight left upon my shoulders A free mind I can finally Be happy And be Me

Where to next?

To date, I have been to more countries that US States. All of the money I saved throughout my college jobs, has gone directly to funding my unsatisfiable need to travel. If I stay in the same place for too long, I get antsy. Besides traveling to England for professional reasons over the last couple... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

The reason I started this blog  was to hold myself accountable for my goals, which included learning to code and edit photos... hence the blog. I have additional projects I've been working on and things I've been trying to learn, apart from blog related skills, but those have been taking a back seat due to... Continue Reading →

Strength in Forgiveness

          For stubborn people, forgiveness can be next to impossible. If you asked anyone in my life, stubborn might be one of the first words to describe me. Thank you Mom for passing that on to me. Recently, I have learned that forgiving is not a sign of weakness and doesn't... Continue Reading →

Friends: Quality Over Quantity

When I was young, I had a large group of friends, but as soon as I moved, they dropped like flies. Granted, I was not great at keeping in contact, but neither side tried very hard, which made me realise that we were not actually good friends. When I got to university, I started out... Continue Reading →

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