Developing Personal Style: It’s A Journey

         DPS.2 I must preface this with the fact that I am not, nor do I claim to be fashion forward. I do not buy into many fashion trends when so many come and go so quickly, but I do appreciate them and give the occasional trend a try. My style has been more variable than the weather in New England. As a toddler, it was all frilly pink dresses and bows. After that, I refused to wear anything but jeans and animal t-shirts. Middle school and high school? Let’s not go there. I was blessed when I ended up in boarding school and was told what to wear every day. It was a gift until I went to college and I had forgotten how to dress myself. College has consisted of some very VERY questionable choices, but I’ve been improving… slowly. As bad as it is to look back at all of the mistakes I have made fashion wise, you have to realise that everyone makes mistakes. Just look at all of the tabloids or E! after a gala or an awards show.
          So how do you find a style that works for you? It comes with a lot of trial and error. Trying a new style or trend can push you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it can be a hit, but more often for me, it’s a bust. It can be intimidating, but that is the only way to explore your personal style. You have to be able to not think about what other people might be thinking about you. A lot of the time, people will be looking at you with envy that you have the guts to try something new. Even more often, no one will even think twice about what you’re wearing.
          As I am but a humble college student, I do not have wads of cash to spend on exploring my inner fashionista. For that, I use SHEIN.COM. It is a chinese based company known for inexpensive clothing. Those kinds of companies can be very hit or miss, but I have had a considerable amount of luck with them. My style has changed significantly since I have found SHEIN. If there are styles I like and wear a lot from SHEIN, I end up buying similar pieces of better quality, to add permanently to my wardrobe. Anything I don’t like, gets returned, sold, or donated. As my life is constantly changing and I am about to enter the professional working world, my wardrobe will continue to change. I don’t think personal style ever finishes evolving nor do I want it to.

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