Where to next?

To date, I have been to more countries that US States. All of the money I saved throughout my college jobs, has gone directly to funding my unsatisfiable need to travel. If I stay in the same place for too long, I get antsy. Besides traveling to England for professional reasons over the last couple of years and the occasional jaunt to France, I have not been able to satisfy my travel itch. I had plans to go to France for most of the summer, but through a lack of organisation and my travel partner not doing anything to make that plan a reality, I decided to go off on my own somewhere else. We spoke about our plans for months, everything they said sounded amazing, but after not getting any action to back it up… I realised that I was going to be waiting forever; something I wasn’t willing to do. I am finally taking my own advice from my post “Don’t Let Life Pass You By”.

The question now, is where shall I go? One of the few things I really like about myself, is my independence, which is why I would be ok to travel alone. My friends and family have trouble keeping track of where in the world I am. If I had infinite funds and time, I would go to Asia, but alas… I do not. Possible adventures right now are Portugal, Croatia, or Corsica. I think that several weeks of surfing and adventuring and making friends could do wonders for me before I enter into the professional world. I have spent time in Portugal before in both Lisbon and Lagos. Lisbon is where I first learned to surf. I had bought a GoPro Hero 6 for my french adventures, so I need to find somewhere where I can put my camera to good use. Somewhere I can bike, hike, cliff jump, swim, surf, and more.

The top picture is from a beach in Lisbon and the picture below is Lagos. As much as I would love to go somewhere new, there is something about Portugal that I just fell in love with. If anyone has any suggestions for a summer adventure, please let me know!! I’d love to hear about your adventures to inspire my next one.


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