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If anyone happens to come across my blog, welcome! My name is Elizabeth Jaques and I have created this blog to plain and simply hold myself accountable for my goals and to share my experiences with anyone who is interested. It is also used as a brain dump. So many thoughts go through my head all non-stop and it feels like it’s overflowing. So to empty it out a bit, I created this blog. I have no background in anything that would make me any good at this, but I wanted to learn to write better, edit photos and videos, and learn HTML. The best way to do that is to create a blog, I think… we shall see how it goes.

As a human, I am a weird and awkward individual, but I have learned to embrace it. At university, I have studied business, finance, and biology. I have competed in too many sports from horse riding to rugby. I have studied in America, England, France, and Italy, but do not speak any of the corresponding languages particularly well…. although I am working on learning French and Swedish, as I never like to have free time. If I am not doing something or learning something, I get antsy and end up spending money I do not have on plane tickets to a random country… My friends and family have a tough time keeping track of where I am in the world.

I love adventures and constantly try to push myself out of my comfort zone. If this blog gets absolutely no views, the world will still turn and I shall still post. If anyone has made it through all of my rambles, enjoy the rest of my content and feel free to reach out if you feel so inclined!


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